Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just a quick check in here. Scott and Sarah surprised us by hopping a bus home (25 hours, but they are young). I am very excited! I would have taken a personal day had I known this. My joy has been mitigated however, by the fact that I am having a horrible time at work. This too shall pass. Breathe in breathe out. Get that focal point. I love my kids :)

New plan of action: Run 4 1/2 on Friday after the kids leave, no run Saturday...skip church on Sunday and race around the lakes at Notre Dame (5k) with Cheri and Clarissa.

Life is good.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Friday - No run. Took Ken Chinese for lunch. I made some chicken stir fry in my Wok & it turned out pretty good. Sort of an experiment. I have found that I am only able to eat maybe 1/4 cup of brown rice due to it's density. I think that's a good thing. Still ignoring AC (scale). Clothes fitting better anyway.

Saturday - Guys went golfing so my sister Jan and I went shopping for Sunday dinner & etc. I wanted to buy Clarissa a pair of running pants as she is always ripping off my favorite ones. We sort of did a trade, I bought her a pair for Easter and they were mismarked in size which means they fit ME. I promised to buy her another pair, but so far no luck (they were on clearance for $4 or $5)

Anyway, I ended up buying something to wear for Sunburst (also on clearance and dirt cheap!!) I refuse to wear those short shorts. I ain't doin' it. I don't care how stupid I look. Clarissa says she will not be seen in public with me if I wear what I bought. (She also said that about my Notre Dame Hockey T-shirt) She also rolled her eyes into the back of her head when I showed her what I was wearing. I don't care :)

Oh, and the point of all that was that I skipped my long run & put it off to Sunday. Now I really had plenty of rest since my last.
We ran 6 miles as follows:

1 - 11:30 (need to slow down a little)
2 - 13:30 (that's better..)
3 - 14:30 (this feels too slow...pick it up)
4 - 12:45 (perfect)
5 - 12:45 (keeping up a conversation with Clarissa)
6 - 11:30 ( still felt so good, had to pick it up)

Total time 1 hr. 16 min & 30 sec. averarge pace 12:45. A little faster than I should have been doing, but still plenty slow!

Cheri was with us and took a wrong turn. She ended up with 5 miles & going up a fairly brutal hill because of it. There is really nowhere decent to run around here without any hills.

Tonight I am going to run 2 easy miles and maybe walk a couple more. I have 2 different races that I am eyeing up for next weekend. Hopefully that works out.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wednesday night Cheri and I set out to run 4 miles at a comfortable pace. I started out ok, but it was extremely hot and I started to lose steam after the 1st mile or so. I think I ran about 3 - 3 1/2 miles, but it was slow. I also was having trouble with naseua & dizziness. We cut the whole thing short and I just chalked it up to the hot weather & possibly food I ate for lunch.

Thursday I had Confirmation class at church. One class left for this year (yippee). We took the kids out for recess & played frozen tag, or freeze tag & I was "it" I haven't had that much fun for quite awhile. I was laughing so hard, they were all trying to avoid me by climbing the big toy...little did they know that I am queen of the monkeys. lol. What a hoot.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I had to post this today, before I forget. Last night I ran the track. I did four 1/2 miles & my times were as follows. (I am freakishly slow, so just live with it). 5:10, 5:06, 5:04 & 4:53. I did 1/4 mile recoveries at an extremely slow pace. I am excited though as I figured I would be running them at around 5:30 or so!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4/12 through 4/17

Wed - Clarissa, Cheri and I ran 2 miles. 12:00 pace.
Thurs. Maundy Thursday church service.
Friday - Good Friday. Took Ken Chinese @ lunch & we ate outside. Nice.
Saturday - Cheri and I ran 6 miles @ the Niles River Walk. 13:50 pace. Clarissa ran in town by herself & someone ran her off the road & she fell. Not nice.
Sunday - Easter. Church & family activities. Scott called. I miss him immensely.
Monday - Clarissa, Cheri & I ran to Broceus and back. 4 miles. 14:20 pace.
Not a great day at work least the end..but turned out ok. Ran off anger.

Life is good.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Last night Clarissa and I ran 4 miles at an easy pace. I was fairly tired. I think the stupid time change is finally catching up with me! Met Ken for lunch & then sat in the hot tub @ Megan's. Had a glass of wine from Lemon Creek. I can't remember what it was, Joe told me...but I forgot. It certainly was good! Went to bed 11ish & did not feel like getting up at 5:30 this morning. Ack!!!!! Oh and Megan gave me this cool lawn mower that doesn't have a motor. It just has blades & uses only "human fuel" I'm thinking maybe that will give me a good workout this summer. Oh & BTW...we are playing a game at work. Everyone put in $5 (14 people) and the person who loses the biggest % of weight by May 1st wins the whole pot. Well, there is this person who is cheating & that just torques me off in the biggest way. I am going to find a way to make sure this person doesn't win. I HATE cheating! I still have not weighed in again. I should weigh myself at least once before May, but I don't know...I am afraid I won't have lost anything & that could depress me enough to trigger some sort of eating disorder. I never promised I was normal!!

Life is Good!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Last night Cheri and I ran close to 4 miles at a relatively slow pace. Cleaned the Communion ware silver @ church w/Jan & Carol. That was alot of fun. Watched 24 with Clarissa and Ryan. I kept calorie count around 1200 and plan to do so for the rest of the week. Last week it stayed between 1600-1800, which is ok. Time to kick it up a notch here and lose some weight. I suppose it may help if I actually weighed myself :P Yeah, right. I did weigh in the Friday before break, but am once again ignoring AC.

Life is good!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wow....whew. Back to work kickin' and screamin' after 9 glorious and wonderful days of NO WORK! I really don't mind my job, but I needed a break!!

Spring break in a nutshell:

Saturday: 4/01/ 06 Slept in & dinked around. Had altar guild at church w/Carol and Jan. Ran 5 miles by myself. Went out to dinner w/Ken.

Sunday: Church. Hosted coffee hour w/family. Walked w/Jan from Weko to Warren Dunes and back. Guys golfed. Clarissa and Ryan left to go to Iowa and Colorado.

Monday: Jan and I went to Chicago on the South Shore Railroad. Train was packed. We later saw on the news that they were hauling 1,000 passengers on a 600 passenger train. Had a great day. Did alot of walking. Went to a presentation at Church...people who had visited the Holy Land last November.

Tuesday: Went to Merriville with Gail. Ignored fact that I am fat and bought clothes anyway. Did no running today. :((

Wednesday: Got my hair cut 'n stuff. I like it. Had a Chiro appt and a massage. Wonderful. Ran 1/2 mile intervals at a slightly faster pace (ha!)

Thursday: Took dad to Notre Dame and the Basillica and walked around one of the lakes, at least 3 miles. Cheri & I ran 3 1/2 easy miles on the Niles Riverwalk & went to Starbucks.

Friday: Went shopping by myself for bedding. Accidentally bought some clothes as well. Cheri and I ran on the track at the high school.

Saturday: Ran by myself around the big circle. Beautiful Day. 5 miles & then went to dinner w/Ken

Sunday: Church. Went to local wineries with Carol, Jan, Megan & Gavin ;) Bought some wine. Had a great day. Went to bed early. Clarissa came home from her trip to Colorado sometime during the night.

Life is good.